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At the age of 15, life came to a stopping point for me. I went from playing sports, running a mile every day, and hiking almost every weekend down to not being able to sit, stand, or lay for more than 15 minutes at a time. My feet were constantly purple and so swollen I could barely get my shoes on most days and the pain in my neck, back, and legs was so unbearable I was miserable. Every MRI report got worse throughout the years and I had been to every kind of specialist there was and the only answer I ever received was that I had three herniated discs in my back probably caused from bad genetics and there was nothing that anyone could do to help me. At the age of 22, I felt like I was out of options. I had been everywhere and tried almost everything possible and nothing ever got better. At this point, I had not been able to feel my legs for seven years, I never got a goodnight's sleep, and I had given up everything I loved because the pain was so awful. I couldn't enjoy anything. I was out of hope and out of fight until a friend introduced me to Dr. Schroter. He felt that I had an infection located in my feet, back, and neck and he also did some major chiropractic adjustments on my body. The night after my first visit I slept for 17 hours and within the first week of him treating me I was able to feel my legs for the first time in years. I have yet to find the words to explain what a humbling experience I have had these past few months or how grateful I am to finally be able to enjoy life again. Dr. Schroter's passion and faith are what makes the difference in his care and I am so thankful to have been a part of it.

Kayla H.


I have my life back! I suffered intense chronic pain for years in the form of perpetual and increasingly painful migraines. At 30, making it through the day was a battle that I felt like I was losing. When I finally came to Dr. Schroter’s office, I was experiencing migraine-like pain without cease, dizziness, nausea, and my left hand trembled. Dr. Schroter found the root of my pain and didn’t just treat the symptoms. After the initial and largest cause of my pain was remedied, we focused on the other ailments that were causing brain fog, digestive issues, extreme fatigue, depression, and still some severe headaches. It has now been a year since my first appointment and my life has completely changed! Prayers have been answered. I wake up every day thankful for the pain-free life I get to enjoy. Now each day isn’t a battle but a gift!

Shawna M.


For the past 18 years, I lived with what doctors called an allergy to exercise. Besides the diagnosis, no doctor gave me any indication that it could be cured, nor did they even attempt to help me. Every time I would do any type of high impact exercise, my legs, arms and face would turn splotchy red and itch severely to which in turn I would scratch and bring blood to the surface.

As a child, I was diagnosed as being short-winded. Again, nothing was ever done to treat or help with my asthma. So I just thought my breathing was normal, and I would live with it for the rest of my life. A year ago, my doctor tested me and diagnosed me as having asthma. I began using an inhaler daily which helped most of the time.

I came to see Dr. Schroter in the summer of 2012 at the age of 34. At first, I was only seeing him for chiropractic reasons. As he learned about my issues with exercising and breathing, he performed muscle testing and discovered I was allergic to gluten and had a leaky gut. I went gluten free for three months and did not feel any different. So, I went back to my regular diet. In the summer of 2013, he strongly suggested that I get a comprehensive blood analysis done. I went gluten free again and he began treating various deficiencies, bacteria and stress based on my blood analysis. After 1 month, I was able to exercise without having a reaction, my breathing was not as labored, and I had more energy than I have had in years. After 3 months gluten free and getting my stress levels under control, I am now able to hike miles, play tennis and run, all without a reaction, and I no longer use an inhaler unless I absolutely have to. I can’t say enough about how thankful I am to Dr. Schroter for helping me to regain a part of my life I never thought I’d be able to have again.

Alecia C.


For anyone thinking of doing the Metabolic Assessment, blood work and Dr. Schroter’s Comprehensive Health Plan, I would like to share my experience.

First of all let me explain that I knew I wasn’t myself for a while… I am not a lazy or easily depressed person. However, over the past two years I found myself getting more and more tired… almost lethargic with zero energy. I am an outdoor person, sitting in the house watching T.V. is not my thing, but I couldn’t even bring myself to go outside. All I wanted to do was sleep, and even if I was able to sleep late I would still wake up tired.

I am normally at ease in most situations and have no problem talking with people, but I would get nervous if I knew I was going to be around people I would have to make conversation with, because I had noticed that I could not say the sentence that was on my mind… it’s hard to explain, but it was like my mind and my mouth just would not work together. I was even unable to think of how to spell simple words like ‘who’ or ‘how’!

I started feeling depressed and having a ‘who cares attitude’. I was having stomach trouble and waking up with hives each morning. All this was enough red flags to let me know that something was really off in my body and I needed to do something about it.

After Dr. Schroter obtained all the results that the testing provided, he was able to pinpoint what problems were and even what potential problems could be avoided in the future by taking care of them now! Dr. Schroter was very thorough in explaining to me in simple terms what my body was lacking and what supplements I was in need of. He explained to me what changes I needed to make in order to get my life, my energy and my personality back!

I am so thankful for Dr. Schroter’s careful analysis of his patients. I am happy to say that I now bounce out of bed at 7:30 ready for the day, instead of dragging out of bed at 9:30 dreading the day! I have got more work done and more accomplished in the past 3 months than I have done in the past 2½ years! I have no problem carrying on a conversation with someone. I feel healthy and energetic! I have no more stomach trouble and the hives are gone. I feel like I’ve my life back. Thank you to Dr. Schroter and all he has done for me, I would recommend his care to anyone.


Angie D.


My husband and I began our journey almost eight years ago. That was when I began having symptoms that medical doctors could not explain. I was plagued with blood pressure spikes, blood sugar irregularities, anxiety, feelings of panic and fertility issues. Those were just a few of the problems I experienced. Zach and I visited over twenty doctors and never received a conclusive diagnosis. After spending years and tens of thousands of dollars visiting traditional medical doctors, I heard about Dr. Schroter from my chiropractor. Dr Schroter was very attentive and listened to my history with an open mind. He immediately began addressing the underlying causes of the symptoms. I had one goal for my treatment. I wanted to feel well and enjoy my life. I felt as though my life was on hold all the years that was searching for an answer to my poor health. After about six weeks, I could see an improvement in my health. After eight months, I was feeling much better and many of my symptoms had been resolved. A few weeks past the one year anniversary of my first visit to Dr. Schroter I found out I was pregnant! This was a miracle because the fertility specialist told us that I would never become pregnant. Even our attempts at fertility treatments had been unsuccessful. We now have our three week old baby and are excited for the future. I cannot express how thankful I am to Dr. Schroter for taking the time to research and identify the cause of my symptoms.

Karrie and Zach
Rome, GA


My name is Kim and I had been suffering with various thyroid-related symptoms for years. I suffered from weight-gain, loss of energy, night-sweats, sleeplessness, depression, terrible periods, brain-fog and body cramps. I have been on thyroid medication for 13 years and after many complaints to my medical doctor about felling no better, he concluded it must be that I was simply “just getting older”. At my young age of 42, I grew more and more frustrated at how I felt and thought there must a solution out there somewhere. Then one day upon visiting my chiropractor, Dr. Schroter, I began sharing my struggles with him about how I was feeling. During our conversation he explained that amidst all of his continued studies and learning of how the body works, that my thyroid may not be the problem but rather the victim of an over-active immune system. He said that an auto-immune disease called Hoshimotos Disease causes the immune system to attack the thyroid making it the culprit rather than the thyroid. In my desperation, I jumped at the opportunity and asked Dr. Schroter to order the necessary blood work to test for this condition. When the results came back, one of the two tests which confirms this condition was extremely high, more than 50 times normal! He told me that I indeed had Hoshimotos Disease which is sometimes referred to as Auto-Immune Thyroid. I was somewhat taken aback by this diagnosis but ultimately relieved. I had finally found the answer and I had Dr. Schroter to thank. He then put me on four different nutritional supplements, took me completely off gluten, and had me greatly limit my soy and dairy intake. What a drastic transformation! After only a few weeks I began to get my energy back, sleep through the night without sweats, felt clear-headed and had no more cramps. Most significant was my weight-loss, I had lost 22 pounds and had my friends asking me where my other half was, and when I realized they weren’t talking about my husband, I just smiled. A few weeks later, I realized I had my first normal period in perhaps years. I have not felt this good in such a long time and I know I have to maintain all the good and proper choices that got me here.




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